Grant Philosophy


At Rockwell Fund we tackle core issues through grantmaking and strategies that enable our grantees to be more effective.

We seek out and support grantees that pursue INNOVATION by:

  • Providing seed grants to test new ideas or models that show promise
  • Serving as an early investor in emerging areas and fields


We increase the INFLUENCE of grantees by:

  • Funding intermediaries that advance the work of our grantees through creating networks and other opportunities that individual grantees otherwise would not have
  • Funding advocacy and public policy efforts that increase awareness, dialogue and new knowledge within an issue area


 We LEVERAGE our investment in individual grantees and causes by:

  • Encouraging collaboration among grantees, and between grantees and funders, and supporting those collaborations through funding and technical assistance
  • Developing partnerships with other funders in order to learn from, and encourage support for, our grantees and issue areas


 We help grantees achieve greater IMPACT through:

  • Planning and evaluation grants that allow grantees to better track and communicate the outcomes of their work
  • Capacity building and infrastructure development grants to build high-functioning nonprofits that are better equipped to tackle their missions