Statement Of Solidarity

The Board and staff of Rockwell Fund share the outrage and revulsion of our fellow Americans to repeatedly seeing Black citizens murdered by persons sworn to protect them. We renew our commitment to use our resources to further the causes of social justice and civil rights.

As previously in our nation’s history, events have awakened both the popular will and positive momentum to implement changes to how our police use deadly force and to fair housing laws, school discipline, and the social determinants of health, to name a few.  Let’s listen thoughtfully to each other, work together and keep our resolve.

We recognize the systemic bias against Black people in America.  Going forward, we will ensure to the best of our abilities that this bias is eliminated in all that we do.  Our goal is to support and join with persons and organizations who are committed to promoting equitable outcomes for all people, regardless of race or income, who seek fair housing, restorative justice in school discipline, and the elimination of health disparities and of the cradle-to-prison pipeline.  Let’s get it right this time.

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